Monday, April 2, 2007

Security deals: eEye's Blink Personal for free

eEye is offering their Blink Personal Internet security product with antivirus with a 1 year license for free for a limited time.

According to an article on Dark Reading, the product will likely remain free after the one year period, as eEye is using consumer data to fuel their pro and commercial products.

"[Ross Brown, CEO of eEye] says the free consumer tool will also help eEye gather the data to build a better commercial product for its traditional business -- commercial and security-savvy users. The company is offering a free one-year subscription, but it doesn't intend to start charging for Blink Personal after the one year is up. "The renewal will probably be free again, too."
The software is worth a look for Windows users as an alternative to traditional standalone AV and firewall products - the product is built with a number of other capabilities such as host based IPS, system, and application firewalls in addition to AV and patch management.

Remember, free is an easy sell to friends and family who otherwise might go without quality security products. Software such as Zone Alarm and AVG's free personal use antivirus are on my frequently recommended list for people who can't or won't buy products.

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