Monday, December 10, 2007

Soft-R's CD Cryptex

Soft-R, maker of "Self Recordable Media Technology" is looking for OEM and industry customers for it's latest ware - the CD Cryptex. The CD Cryptex is a CD-R that aims to bridge the gap between users' knowledge of encryption software and the need for data on CD-R's to be encrypted. Soft-R claims that the device, loaded with it's own burning and encryption engine can be used without mastering complicated encryption software. Perfect since they are only supported on Windows 2000 and greater platforms.

On the technical side, AES256 in CBC mode is used to encrypt a container that houses all of the data files/folders sent to the disk via the on board burning engine. Keys are managed via pass phrases (limit 64 bytes) using SHA-256 hashes - which after the fact are needed to access, edit or view the files. Interestingly, Soft-R has included a virtual keyboard that one assumes is for use on machines that cannot be trusted. To aid in lingering copies of data, all temp files are wiped after the disk is burned. They even include a "secured photo viewer."

I can't wait to play with one of these to see if they live up to the claims. Would you trust one of these with your data versus PGP encrypted files burned to a CD?

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