Monday, July 13, 2009

CVV2 Irony Redux

Creative Commons attribution licensed image courtesy of Flickr user Andres Rueda

After my recent post about How Not To Sell CVV2's, it was only a matter of time until a CVV2 spammer posted a reply. Yesterday, one came in. Rather than post it, I'll list some of the interesting details.

Here's the price list:
1 US ( visa,master) = 2$/1cvv ( buy > 50 Price $1.5/1cvv)
1 US (Amex,dis) = 3$/1cvv ( buy > 50 price $2/1cvv)
1 US with DOB = 12$/1cvv
1UK = 6$/ ( Buy > 50 price 5$/1cvv)
1UK CVV with DOB = 15$/CVV ( Buy > 50 CVV Price 12$ = 1CVV)
1 Ca CVV = 8$/CVV
1 CA CVV(Amex,dis) = 7$/cvv
1 EU CVV = 15$/CVV
1 EU CVV(Amex,dis) = 15$/cvv
1 US CVV full info = 80$/CVV
1 UK CVV full info = 100$/CVV
In general, prices for non-US countries were higher, as were prices for a credit card with full details on the owner, or one with a date of birth associated with it.

The seller provided ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo contacts, a website, and payment methods via both LibertyReserve and WMZ. They also specified that they did not sell dumps with pins, bank logins, or ATM skimmers. Interestingly, the poster also offered rapidshare premium accounts, including a bonus free account if you bought more than 30 CVV2 numbers. Differentiation in the marketplace is definitely occurring.

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