Friday, April 9, 2010

SteadyState - Not Available for Windows 7

According to Windows Secrets, Microsoft has opted not to port its Windows SteadyState lockdown and security package to Windows 7. The free tool itself is used in many libraries, as well as in computer labs and for public access kiosks.

For those who use SteadyState, a number of alternatives exist, with Deep Freeze being the most popular in my experience. The cost of Microsoft discontinuing SteadyState may be a relatively small incremental cost for smaller institutions - according to Faronics website, a $30 or so per system cost, but larger scale licensing can have a real impact on non-profits and public institutions like those libraries which are already fighting tight budgets.

(note: edited 4/9/2010 - Microsoft has opted NOT to port SteadyState).

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