Monday, January 17, 2011

Google Cache Prowling and Useful Firefox Security Plugins

I find that I often check Google's cache of sites that have been taken down, either as part of an incident investigation or to verify that data has been removed. One of the nicer ways to do this is using a tool like Jeffrey To's Google Cache Continue script.

This joins my toolbox of existing Firefox plugins such as:

  • NoScript - script blocking
  • URLParams - website get/post parameters
  • Firebug - editing of pages, including Javascript variables
  • FoxyProxy - a Firefox based proxy switcher that works very well with web app testing tools.
  • IETab - to pop an IE tab into a Firefox testing session
  • Leet Key - for Base64, Hex, BIN, and other transforms
  • ShowIP - shows the current site's actual IP address, as well as enabling a number of other useful host lookup tools.
You can find a whole relation mapped list of Firefox plugins in the FireCAT listing - enjoy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Security Humor: DMC-Eh?

A recent take-down notice (which was of course sent to the wrong address) contained what has to be one of the best typos I've ever seen in such a missive:

"Hereby we inform you that the material listed hereunder are of Phonographic nature and are deemed harmful to minors by many governments and non-governmental organizations."
We all knew the Internet was full of phonographic material, right?

Flickr Creative Commons attribution licensed image courtesy cristinabe