Wednesday, February 18, 2009

netForensics Acquires High Tower Assets

netForensics announced their acquisition of the assets of High Tower today. Note that they are acquiring the assets, rather than the company itself - an interesting difference. Per the email sent to customers and partners:

"netForensics is proud to announce our agreement to acquire the assets of High Tower Software. I would like to take this opportunity to pledge our continued commitment to the success of your business and welcome you to the netForensics family."
netForensics goes on to explain that High Tower products will be available as standalone solutions and as extensions to the netForensics nFX One product line. netForensics has typically been seen as a standout in the log management and data mining arena - this acquisition will likely expand their portfolio nicely.

Customers can call +1 732-393-6060 with questions - the first of which will likely be what the change in support means for existing High Tower customers. In addition, readers may also want to review our previous posts on High Tower's demise, as the comments thread has further detail about High Tower's fall.

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