Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DEFCON 16 Badge pictures

For those who might be interested, here are images of the "HUMAN" standard DEFCON 16 attendee badge. The badge itself has solder pads for a USB port, an SD card reader, a Freescale processor, IR support, status LEDs, and more. The folks at Hack A Day have more details of the badge's capabilities.

Apparently, getting the badges out of China was a major issue this year, which led to the massive delays in badge distribution. The builder ended up shipping in a number of smaller shipments, which did clear customs. Also of note, badges from the earliest shipments did not have the SD card reader onboard, although parts kits were available to add it. Later shipments did have the SD card reader.

Note the barcode on the back - it is a 2D datamatrix. Unfortunately, neither of the 2D datamatrix recognition programs (edit: NeoReader and 2D sense) I carry on my phone recognize the matrix on the back with a default snapshot, although it appears that a black and white photocopy might work better. I'll update here once I get a good copy of it.

What else does the badge do? Per Kingpin's description:

  • By default, the badges act as IR receivers.
  • A button push puts them in transmit mode if they find an SD card. They then transmit the contents up to 128KB read only file in the / directory of a FAT16 formatted SD card via IR to any receiver.
  • If no SD card is found, transmit mode makes the badge into a TV-B-Gone.

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