Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sentry Safe's Unsafe Survey

Sentry, maker of a wide range of safes, requests some interesting information on their new safe owner's registration form. The form requests a surprising amount of information for a warranty registration form, including a number of details that would concern any security minded individual.

A few of the more sensitive bits of information that you'd be mailing off are:

  • Your address
  • Who you purchased the safe for
  • Where you will locate it (garage, basement, den, bedroom)
  • How many guns you own
  • How you stored your guns previously
  • How much you make
  • The other members of your household and their age
All of this is placed in a handy postcard sized fold out survey, ready to be mailed out. Individually, none of this information is particularly dangerous, however when taken as a whole, it provides a profile of a potential target - who, happily, gave you the model number and possibly the location of their safe!

Is this a huge threat? Probably not, but would new safe owners want to disclose the location of their safe, their income, and how many firearms they have? Probably not. Sometimes, security by obscurity isn't so bad.

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