Monday, June 9, 2008

Here Phishy Phishy: Another Phishing Example

I've changed the original site name in this email - it is typically in capital letters, and is the domain of the user the email was sent to.

Giveaways this time? The capitalized domain, the request for password, date of birth, and country, the thank you, signature, and the warning code, as well as the headers showing a non-local email origin.

The good news is that most users won't fall for a phishing email like this - but I still see users fall for some of the more sophisticated bank and Paypal scams.

Dear YOURSITE.COM Email Account Owner,

This message is from YOURSITE.COM messaging center to all YOURSITE.COM email account
owners. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account
center. We are deleting all unused YOURSITE.COM email account to create more
space for new accounts.

To prevent your account from closing, you will have to update it below so
that we will know that it's a present used account.


Email Username : .......... .....
EMAIL Password : ................
Date of Birth : .................
Country or Territory : ..........

Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account within
Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account

Thank you for using YOURSITE.COM!

Warning Code:XXXXXXXXX


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