Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Security Certifications Hold Value While IT Certifications Drop

EWeek's Deb Perelman notes in a recent article that compensation for those with IT certifications has fallen for the 7th straight quarter, but that security certifications are holding their value:

Foote found some exceptions to the decline of certifications as well, but only in the security arena, due to its heavily technical nature.

"Security is a deeply technical domain and certification is an important qualification in areas where technical skills dominate," he explained.

Will security certifications see a similar drop? It seems that as security becomes more of a commodity in the IT space that we will see a similar devaluing for the certificates and an increased focus on the skillsets and experience. Certificates will continue to be useful in technically focused positions, or those that need some basic form of filter for candidates. They will also continue to help mark out those candidates who are interested in continuing education.

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