Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tenable announces the end of the Nessus Registered Feed

Tenable has announced(PDF) that their Registered Feed for Nessus users will be discontinued. Organizations that relied on the plugin feed, despite the delay from their commercial Direct Feed will no longer receive updates for free. The Direct Feed subscription remains reasonably priced at $1200 a year, and Tenable is offering a discount during the transition.

Tenable also notes in their release that they will support teaching and training organizations, as well as charity with free Direct Feeds, which should mean that at least some of the groups that were using the registered feed will not lose their access. For most others, it means a yearly cost to continue using Nessus.

Interestingly, home users using Nessus for personal, non-commercial use will get access to a new "HomeFeed" service with no delay for plugin availability. That leaves Tenable a gateway for users to learn how to use Nessus, while forcing organizations that relied on the free feed to pay for a license.

A FAQ is available with more detail.

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