Thursday, June 25, 2009

Know Your Audience: How Not To Sell CVV2's

The Society of Payment Security Professionals forum is a great resource for PCI compliance discussions. Sadly for user goodcvv_vn, it is not a good place to sell CVV2 codes.

The price list is, however, a great resource for my security talks - and of course, the offer to share free socks is compelling, as seen in the forum post, quoted here:

Sell cvv2 good& cheap....!!! and share free socks

Hello, I'm a new seller, Im from vietnam, I have any friend hacker
my cvv are the best for you

Ccv US is $ 1.5 per ccv (Visa)
Ccv US is $ 2 per ccv (master)
Ccv US is $ 3 per ccv (Amex + Discover)
Ccv UK is $ 4 per ccv (Visa + Master)
Ccv UK is $ 5 per ccv (Amex + swith)
Ccv Ca is $ 6 per ccv (Visa+ Master)
Ccv Ca is $ 9 per ccv (Visa Business + Visa Gold)
Ccv EU is $ 6 per ccv (Visa + Master)
Ccv EU is $ 7 per ccv (Amex + Discover)
Ccv Au is $ 6 per ccv

I can check balance in cvv,balance will be as you like and price agreements
if u buy over 50, I will sell for you good cheap, good price
I only accept payment with LibertyReserve
i will discount my price for u if u are reseller buy everyday or u buy many
all my cvv will be tested before sell, that's sure.
Please contact me: email redacted
on yahoomesenger: IM redacted
The use of LibertyReserve, a Costa Rica based payment processor is also worth noting for those investigating payment card fraud.

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