Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wireshark 1.2 Released, Portable Wireshark Reminder

Wireshark 1.2 is out, and if you're a Wireshark user, two of the features make this a worthwhile upgrade. First, a big bonus for casual and occasion users - display filters now autocomplete, meaning that searching for the proper syntax won't be quite as painful. Second, support for IP packet comparison was added, making one of the things I do often easier - comparison of packets to determine where a break point is.

As a reminder, you can also run Wireshark as a portable app on a PortableApps enabled device. That makes Wireshark an easy tool to provide to your system administrators and security staff. Note that if WinPCap isn't installed, this portable version will install it as needed, then uninstall it when complete - this isn't an entirely zero footprint portable app.

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