Thursday, September 10, 2009

EDUCAUSE's 2009 Video and Poster Contest Winners

EDUCAUSE has announced their 2009 security video and poster contest winners. They can be viewed at: Previous years can be accessed from the main EDUCAUSE contest site.

The videos produced for this contest are typically aimed at students, but often address topics that are relevant to the general populace.

This year, I particularly liked the Cyber Security Awareness video by Nathan Krochmal, and Lenae Boykin's 10 Most Common Passwords is quite well done. In previous years, Adam Stackhouse's Laptop Theft video has been a big hit.

As with the videos and other materials created each year for this contest, colleges and universities can use these videos as part of their education and awareness campaigns. They're a great way to add spice to typical student security awareness and education videos, and they've helped to inspire some of our staff and faculty awareness efforts as well.

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